We are a small company here in good old Aotearoa "Land of the Long White Cloud" NZ.
We enjoy driving in either ATS or ETS and once up and running we will have a regular convoy hopefully once a week.
If you think you can handle the big rigs then come and join us here at Kiwi Trucking by clicking on the apply button.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/mzK5pqp

Company rules:
1. Age Restriction of 16+.
2. Respect fellow drivers and other drivers.
3. Reckless Driving is not tolerated and will resolve in an instant dismissal.
4. Must be mature, ethical, professional, and respectful to other multi-player drivers, co-workers and guests. Rude conduct, harassment of any kind, or racism towards anyone will not be tolerated. Violations will be addressed promptly and could result in termination.
5. May have experience with ATS, ETS2, or driving trucks in the real world however not necessary.
6. Must be respectful of the management team as they are there to provide an enjoyable experience for everyone while promoting the development of the team/company.
7. Joking around is great but be mindful of other players.
8. Must use Truckbook to record your jobs.
9. All drivers are to only drive trucks online. Cars are not permitted.
10. We employ a 3 strike policy. Once 3 strikes are reached you are out. (unless we see fit for an instant dismissal)
11. Have fun! we are all about having fun while driving.
12. Excessive Profanity and bad language will not be tolerated.
13. Speed limit in ETS if you exceed 100kph you will go into race mode so we suggest you set your speed limiter to 95kph but do not exceed 90kph. ATS 80mph is max over this is racemode therefore set to 75mph max but do not exceed 70mph.
14. You must use the company colours on your trucks and trailers.
15. Enjoy yourself and make it a great place to have fun.

Don't forget "Keep the pedal to the metal and watch out for the smokie Bears"

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Jobs logged

183,714 km

Distance driven

22,692 t

Cargo moved

88,198 L

Fuel used